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Ahad, 16 Mac 2014

To Join Your business must find people ah?

Interesting Question: 
To Join Your business must find people ah? 

Err, All Business find people lah… 
Nasi Lemak Biz, find people to eat 
Baking Biz, find people to buy cake 
Clothes Biz, find people to buy clothes 
Training Biz, find people to attend the trainings

Only Zoo Biz find Monkeys … 
Even Zoo must find people to be Zookeepers 

So yes, 
To do Biz Must Find People 

To Work also Must Employ People not Monkeys 

So What exactly are you asking?  

Or You just want to Dump Money Shake Leg? 
Then Go Travel into Some Galaxy … 
Hmm even there must find people 

I'm Not in the Monkey Biz, 
So if you don't want to find people 
and want to find Monkeys apply somewhere else … 

By: Suria Mohd.

With Love,


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