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Khamis, 19 Julai 2018

The Dos and Don'ts Of Decorating A Small Bedroom

It’s a fact that houses are getting smaller and smaller. This flows concurrently with thenew world-view that is developing where people are shunning the ideals of large living and moving towards more modest living, especially in urban areas. We are now facing higher and higher prices per square feet, so whether you like it or not, you will have to settle for a smaller space.

However, just because you have toexchange the vast opulence for the smaller and littler luxuries of life, does not mean that you can’t enjoya more modestly-sized space. Sometimes, good things do come in small packages. So, before you turn down that puncakjalil house for sale because of its seemingly smaller size, take some time to consider the value of the house itself and what you could do with the space, rather than just the size of it.

With a smaller space, of course, comes a smaller bedroom.It can be trickier to decorate due to the smaller square footage you’re working with. The question thus becomes how you can make the most of every square foot of space but ensure that it remains stylish yet functional. So, read on for some dos and don’ts for making the most out of your small bedroom space.

The Dos and Don'ts Of Decorating A Small Bedroom

Do copy hotel style

We’ve all stayed in a small hotel room at least once in our life. In fact, more often than not, hotels have tiny rooms. However, guests seldom take notice since the rooms are so carefully decorated and curated. So, turn your experience from a boon into a bane by taking note of how they decorate for the smaller space. Here are some tricks you can easily copy: a padded headboard, plush throws and multiple pillows can add heightened yet scaled-down luxury at home.

Do build around the headboard

When you have a smaller room, you need to really plan out how you use your wall space. One good trick is to make use of just one wall, while leaving the other walls bare. For example, a built-in unit around your bed’s headboard helps you fully and efficiently utilize the limited space without impinging on the other walls in your room. This helps you maintain a more open and uncluttered feel.

Don’t add too many colors

The color palette you choose can often rescue you in a small space. Don’t incorporate too any different colors in your space. Sticking to just one or two hues prevents your room from getting too busy and distracting. Using bright colors in a predominantly white room is also a simple way of injecting energy and zest into your space. If you do incorporate darker tones, make sure that it doesn’t close things in too much.

Do add a feature wall

Using the same color on all four (or more) walls can end up exaggerating the boxed-in feel of a small square room. To circumvent this, try creating a feature wall by painting one wall a different color. You can even use some luxe wallpaper, or textured paneling instead of plain paint. This helps create a focal point that distracts your eyes from the limited space, as darker shades next to white walls can help create depth of field. Although your room may be small and compact, it doesn’t have to be a featureless box.

Do go dual- or multi-purpose

Dual- or multi-functional furniture is your best friend in small spaces. This helps you reduce the amount of furniture that you need in your space. It also helps consolidate your pieces and puts the focus on a few key pieces of furniture. For example, you can use a bookcase as an all-in-one piece that acts as a headboard, a bedside table as well as a home for your books.

Don’t under-decorate

While you shouldn’t go overboard with the number of pieces you put in a small space, you shouldn’t totally give in to the temptation to pare back either. Otherwise, your bedroom can end up looking empty and un-designed. Although you need to balance out both the urge to decorate and pare back, don’t feel afraid to add some elements common in larger rooms, such as rugs, pictures and décor pieces. What matters most is that you create a room that is cozy and perfect for you.

Do think laterally

When it comes to spaces getting smaller and smaller, you will need to expand your thinking laterally to help you really make the most of your limited space. In the future, furniture pieces might become more integrated, such as having an all-in-one piece that serves all of your bedroom purposes.

Do use mirrors

A mirror is another good “best-friend” décor piece to have in small spaces. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the design book. You can extend this idea and make your closet doors mirrored to help make your space feel larger. However, do ensure that what you reflect is still simple and tidy, otherwise you’ll just be reflecting clutter, which ends up looking twice as bad.

Don’t choose closets with fussy handles

In space that is limited, you’ll want to stay away from elements that are too fussy and messy. One way to do this is to incorporate furniture pieces without handles. For example, having handle-less cabinets can make them seem to almost disappear and blend into your walls, keeping things looking spacious and minimal. This trick can be extended to other pieces of furniture as well. Consider a bed with a simple frame to make it appear as if it takes up less space.

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Farhana Jafri berkata...

banyak perabot antara punca rumah bersepah. Keep it minimal and simple

Sofinah Lamudin berkata...

Ye betul Farhanna Jafri...

Del Asyraf berkata...

Rumah kecik kalau decoration dia tak sarat, the house will look nice and cute.

Sofinah Lamudin berkata...

betul tu del... kalau crowded tak lawa kan... hhehe..