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Selasa, 20 Julai 2021

How to Choose the Best Android TV Box in Malaysia?

 How to Choose the Best Android TV Box in Malaysia?

Some Android TV Boxes function at specific internet speeds in terms of performance. If your internet speed falls below the recommended level, it may be difficult to watch HD movies or download movies on time. Your game's loading times may also be slower than usual.

There is also the issue of space. If you intend to download every season of Game of Thrones, you'll need more capacity or one that can be expanded with an external card. Don't forget about running speeds; the more RAM you have, the faster your Android TV Box will be.

While 3GB and 4GB RAM are typical, Android TV Boxes with significantly larger RAM are available, which means a faster controller reaction time for you. If you don't want to be the schmuck beating on their unresponsive Android TV controller, you might think about this. To have a more seamless and pleasant control, you may also download an Android box remote control app to your smartphone or device.

Another critical aspect of illegal Android TV Boxes is that they cannot be utilized in Malaysia unless they are certified by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute). As a result, if you're looking to get an authorized Android TV Box at home with SIRIM's clearance, you should know who to go to and where to go.

People want to know that if they buy a new device, they will receive post-purchase assistance. If this is essential to you (as it is to us!), find a merchant who assures that they will keep your firmware updated, walk you through any problems or installation issues, and will surely honor your warranty!

The best Android TV Box in Malaysia

Tanix TX6S (64GB) 

Tanix TX6S 64GB

Looking for an all-purpose Android TV box? The Tanix TX6S includes 64GB of storage capacity, 4GB of RAM, and fast 5G Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a sleek black rectangular design with a diamond-shaped gradient top, making it a beautiful item to display alongside your TV setup.

In that regard, the outer TV box design is built of high-quality plastic, with an external Wi-Fi antenna situated in the upper right corner. Because it employs a dual antenna technology, you will benefit from speedier data transmission. 

Some reviewers have complained about its laggy performance when not streaming. Another thing to keep in mind is that overheating is a common complaint while using the Tanix TX6S, as the plastic case tends to get warmer because it just has a basic cooling mechanism. Finally, it's odd that an updated specs box lacks a USB 3.0 port.

Tanix TX6S is far from ideal, but the Android TV box has enough capabilities for your home entertainment demands at a price range that is worth considering. 

TX3 TV Box 

TX3 TV Box

Users who purchased the TX3 TV Box online strongly suggest this Android TV box.

To be honest, it's easy to see why, and it starts with the TV box's pre-installed movies and channels of up to 10,000 different sorts. That's something for everyone here, because you can customize your viewing experience by selecting from a variety of language channels such as English, Malay, Chinese, and Korean.

On paper, the 32GB model has 5G dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, which may appear to be a great deal. However, because the TX3 TV Box relies only on an internal antenna, some reviews complained about its unpredictable wireless range. If only this model came with an external antenna, it would be a completely different story.

Nonetheless, for the price, the TX3 TV Box is a terrific deal. Aside from the aforementioned perks, the TX3 TV Box's Android OS performance is primarily appreciated for its reliability even when running heavy-duty programs.

T9 TV Android Box Productnation

T9 TV Android Box Productnation

Consider this T9 model if you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to Android TV boxes. It's simple to use, thanks to the plug-and-play feature, which made all of the setup a snap.

How simple is it? All you have to do is connect T9 to a TV through an HDMI connection. Then, using the included remote, turn on the TV box, and you're ready to go! (browsing and streaming your favourite contents, that is).

Many T9 Android TV Box owners praised how the gadget performs smoothly with little to no buffering, thanks to its solid Android 9.0 Pie operating system. While it has a few advantages, some reviews have called out the inconsistency of the remote control. The buttons are sometimes unresponsive to commands required for accessing the app on the TV. 

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