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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its nothing wrong...


Tiada apa yang salah semua tu. Mereka yang kata salah. Orang di luar sana yang kata.
Diorang kata macam tu sebab mereka nak apa yang saya nak. So why wasting your time to telling me thats is wrong? Nothing wrong...Just follow me and do it!

Its nothing wrong but whats wrong with you?

Kalau tak nak follow, just do what you like. Don't waste your time to see me or talk to me about it. I don't want to know. It wasting my time and your time.

I created my target again since I read "Eat That Frog" . I created my dreams again with my big believe since watch #TheSecret more than 1 times daily.

My target is nothing wrong. Its great and amazing thing I ever dream of....The wrong thing you look at my dreams and the way you feel about it! But you know, if you hate it, its totally not important to you anymore but its important to me because I love it. So, you create yours and I create mine.

If you can't accept it into your life, I can't do anything. I will let you go with your own dreams. Just do it if you love it. I also love it because, its nothing wrong...

Its nothing wrong...If I hate your dreams, thats mean I am wrong. Why should I hate your dreams? good is good... good is good...

You know? Good is good.

I love the best thing for you and me...for everybody arounds me!

*Yawn* Its time to sleep.. Allah will makes our dreams come true. Amin.

P.S : Sila tinggalkan URL blog anda untuk saya blogwalking oke :) tQ~

With Love,

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