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Khamis, 4 Januari 2018

Kuching a New Property Hotspot for Investor

Assalammualaikum Bloggers and Readers,

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and it is one of the biggest property hotspots in Malaysia. With its rich culture and demographic factor, Kuching has been getting more popular among the expatriates who are looking for a place to retire. Kuching is also a very unique city where it does not exactly have a Central Business District. In addition Kuching is a laid back city with a relatively relaxing environment. There are also many house for sale in Kuching that people can look out for. This article will elaborate on why Kuching is a new property hotspot for investors.

Kuching is well known for being a peaceful laid back city where it is safe. Kuching is also popular among the foreigners for being a great place for retirement due to its lifestyle. In addition, Kuching is also a city with its rich multiracial culture where people with different races and religions mix well among one another. Furthermore, Kuching is also well known for its political stability. Other than that, Kuching is also well known for its delicious delicacies. The signature local food from Kuching that one must try are the Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa. Sarawak Laksa has also made it to the Top 10 wishlist by the world renowned chef - Anthony Bourdain. The local food from our local natives are also worth trying, such as Ayam Pansuh (chicken cooked in a bamboo), Linut (sago paste), Kubar (sweet sago pancake) and so on. If you enjoy alcoholic drink, you should definitely try the Tuak (rice wine) made by the natives from Kuching. Do however be responsible when drinking Tuak as the alcohol content in Tuak varies from 5% to 20% or higher.

With the special incentives offered to those foreigners under the Malaysia My Second Home Program, buying a property in Kuching is definitely a good choice for property investors from overseas. You can always look at areas that are centrally located, such as Jalan Song, BDC, Jalan Kempas, Green Heights, Stutong and Kenny Hill. These areas are definitely great for investors who are looking to make investment in residential properties as these areas are well established and well known in Kuching. They are also centrally located, hence the higher price range.

As of today, Samarahan area is trending and developing well. Therefore, it will definitely have a positive return of investment in the future if you were to make a property investment in Samarahan area. Samarahan has also become more popular among the younger generations when it comes to property investment. Furthermore, the prices of property in Samarahan are much cheaper as compared to those areas located nearer to town area. Moreover, Samarahan is a well planned township with developments that are developed by trustworthy developers. Hence, quality is assured. Other than Samarahan, interested property investors can look into properties in Stapok area as it is considered a centralized location with better connectivity coming soon.

Currently, it is a great timing to buy a property in Kuching especially for those who have extra cash in their bank accounts. Moreover, Kuching is definitely going to grow with more developments ongoing. For property investors who plan to start their property investments in Kuching hoping to earn some rental incomes, do start by buying condominiums or apartments that are located in a well established locations with a supply of demand. The price for condominiums and apartments in a well established area could go up to RM450,000 in the current property market in Kuching. If you plan to buy a landed property, make sure you choose those properties that are not any older than 25 years as to avoid spending more on renovation fees. If you have extra millions, you can also consider buying land as that is the best investment that you could make in Kuching.

It is also reported that the property appreciation for houses in Kuching are growing from 80% to 100% between 2009 to 2014. Some of the prices for residential properties have even doubled up the prices throughout the 5 years period. That being said, do make your property investments in locations and areas that are established with good infrastructure. Look out for a branded developer with good track record and good reputation to save you from problems in the future.

In conclusion, Kuching is a great property hotspot for investment purpose. Not forgetting Kuching has a reputation of being a great retirement spot especially for foreigners. Most importantly, Kuching is well known for being safe and peaceful when it comes to living and working. If you plan to do any property investments in Kuching, make sure you ask around in Kuching and do your research beforehand. You could also engage with real estate agents to seek for professional advices when it comes to property investment in Kuching.

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